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5 Ways to Create a Vertical Garden

If you're short on gardening space, but not short on ideas, a vertical garden could be the perfect solution. As the name suggests, a vertical garden is planted vertically or up instead of horizontally and across. As long as you've got a blank fence or wall, you've got the perfect canvas to start planning your vertical garden and enjoying your outside space. Here are five creative ideas on how to plant a vertical garden no matter how little space you have to play with. 

1. Hanging Clay Pot Paradise

Plants look wonderful in clay pots, but if you don't have the floorspace to house them, they might not make it to your shortlist. The good news is that you can hang them instead of placing them on the floor, and they will look just as terrific. Look online for special hanging cords that pass through the top and bottom of clay pots, and let your imagination run riot. 

2. A Vertical Succulent Tray

Cacti and other succulent plants look great when stacked in a tray and hung on a wall. With so many different types available and an array of colours to choose from, you can have a lot of fun planning your design. The great thing about these plants is that you can pack a lot of succulents into one space, and they are incredibly easy to care for. All you'll need to create this vertical garden is a wooden tray and a bracket for mounting. 

3. A Wooden Trellis

If you are familiar with wooden trellises, then you will know how versatile they are and how much you can hang from them. Each section is a diamond shape making for an attractive feature before you even start with your vertical garden. Choose a variety of pots in different shapes and colours and choose plants with lots of hanging foliage to fill in the gaps between pots when you hang them.

4. Copper Plant Hanging Planter

If you have copper pipes that you no longer need or any type of pipework, this can be attached to the wall and hung with plants of different types. You can choose to polish your pipes or even paint them in different colours to create interest. 

5. Hanging Glass Terrarium Vertical Garden

One of the most attractive ways to hang plants is in a glass terrarium. Try the smaller size ones and intersperse them with terrariums full of plants and candles for a beautiful effect once the sun goes down.