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Two reasons to incorporate plant pots in your garden

If you currently only grow plants in the ground in your garden, here are some reasons why you should consider putting a few of your plants into pots.  

They can allow you to easily change your garden's look

One of the reasons why every garden owner should have some plant pots is that they can make it much easier to quickly change a garden's look. This is mainly because you can change the position of a potted plant in seconds and can, for example, create a border of potted plants around your patio in just a few minutes if you feel like switching up your garden's appearance. Moving your collection of potted plants from one area to another or creating different shapes with them (you could, for instance, put your potted plants in a circle or place them in a row alongside one of your garden walls) will instantly alter your garden's aesthetic and is a great way to ensure you don't you get bored of how your outdoor space looks.

Even if you keep the pots in the same spots around your garden, you can still use them to update its appearance by displaying ones with different colours and shapes throughout the year. You can, for example, use a vibrant coloured glazed pot to display your strawberry plant in the summer and then replace this with a classic, tapered terracotta pot filled with violas during the winter.

In contrast, repositioning an entire flowerbed can be a lot of work, and the transplantation of flowers to a new spot in the garden can easily lead to some flowers dying.

They can make it easier to protect your delicate plants

Another reason to get a few plant pots is that they could make it easier to protect some of your more delicate plants. If you put your most fragile plants into pots, you'll have the option of temporarily taking them into your home or into a sheltered area of the garden during bouts of, for instance, snow or high winds. Likewise, if you get pots with hooks, you can also easily transfer them from the ground to a higher position in your garden (such as onto a trellis) if you notice that your dog or cat is crushing or trying to eat the leaves or petals.

In contrast, when delicate plants are planted into the ground, the only way to protect them from high winds or snow is to cover them with tarpaulin, which might end up squashing them if it snows heavily, and it can be almost impossible to keep your pets away from them.