Buying a New Lawnmover

3 Reasons to Buy a Compact Ride-On Mower

If you're tired of pushing a regular mower around your lawn, then you might be tempted to buy a ride-on mower. However, you might feel that these models are too large for your needs.

As an alternative, you can buy a compact model. Mini ride-on mowers do just as good a job as larger products. What are the advantages of choosing a smaller option?

1. Get a Better Fit For Tighter Spaces

Some people can't buy a ride-on mower because they simply can't get it into their garden. If your garden access is a narrow gate or alleyway at the side of your home, then you might struggle to get a regular ride-on mower through the gap.

Or, if you have a lawn at the front and back of your home, then you might not be able to drive the mower between the two lawns. Buying two mowers would be overkill here, but you can't find a way to use a regular-sized ride-on model in both places.

Compact ride-on mowers are a lot smaller than regular products. You can buy models that are slim enough to fit through even narrow gates.

So, you won't have any problems getting a mower into your garden. You'll also be able to move it from the back to the front of your house more easily.

2. Reduce Your Storage Needs

You don't want to leave a ride-on mower outdoors when you aren't using it. You should protect it from the sun and rain.

If you buy a big mower, then storage becomes a problem. You need an indoor storage space that is big enough to hold the mower.

If you have a big shed, then you can put the mower there. However, if you don't have a big enough building, then you don't have indoor storage.

If you buy a compact model, then you'll find it a lot easier to fit the mower in a smaller space. You give it maximum protection when you aren't using it.

3. Get a Cheaper Mower

Ride-on mowers are more expensive than regular lawn mowers. They are larger and more complex.

While you might not mind paying extra for the convenience and extra features you get here, you might not have a large budget. Or, you might be wary of spending a lot of money on a different type of mower that you haven't tried out yet.

Compact ride-on mowers are typically cheaper. They are a good entry model into motorised mowing.

To see some examples of compact ride-on mowers, contact lawn mower suppliers.