Buying a New Lawnmover

Your Guide to Useful Powered Garden Tools

Many people will own an electric lawnmower these days but rely on manual tools for the rest of their gardening. Hand shears, secateurs and garden forks tend to be the most commonly used hand tools among Australian gardeners. It is easy to see why because the designs of these tools have long been established and there is not much that can be done to improve on them. That said, there are now plenty of powered garden tools that can augment your outdoor power equipment beyond the humble lawnmower. What are some of the best ones?

Hedge Trimmers

Anyone who has a couple of bushes to trim once or twice a year will often stick to hand shears. However, if you have larger bushes and shrubs, then powered hedge trimmers will make a big difference. Most power equipment of this type will offer you the ability to cut through leaves and branches much more quickly. What's more, because they take less effort than hand shears, using them over prolonged periods is possible. This makes them ideal for people with hedges that extend around the boundary of their garden, for example. Some offer telescopic features which means they can be used to keep larger shrubs looking neat without the need to ascend ladders.

Powered Strimmers

Unlike a lawnmower, a powered strimmer is able to get in and around hard-to-reach places in a garden. One of the key features of power equipment of this type is that it can be used to create neat edges along the sides of lawns. Rather than using sideways facing edgers to make a good definition between your borders and your lawn, powered strimmers get the job done in much less time. They're also helpful for cutting grass around tree trunks and garden sheds where lawnmowers cannot reach.

Wood Chippers

Sometimes powered by petrol and sometimes by an electric motor, wood chippers deal with large amounts of foliage and small branches with ease. Although you need to take sensible precautions with sort of power equipment, they can be safer to use than chopping up wood with loppers, axes and saws by hand. This is because all of the cutting work is done for you by the device without you ever needing to get too close to its blades.

Powered Aerators

Although you can aerate a lawn with nothing more than a garden fork, a powered aerator does a much more even job, getting to every part of the garden. By using a rotating section at the front, the lawn won't just be aerated but scarified as well, helping to promote vigorous growth.